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Dear Families

My name is Mariana Risquez and I am a teacher and artist from Caracas, Venezuela. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Educational Psychology, and I have studied the United State's Elementary and Middle school curriculum as well as what is referred to as the 'common core' standards. I have extensive tutoring experience across a variety of subjects including 1st - 9th grade curriculum, musical interpretation, expression, and vocal coaching, with a specialization in Spanish and Language Arts.

As a tutor my expectations are:

Ž To be a positive learning facilitator.

Ž To be a resource for families, and find the assistance they need.

Ž To create effective study habits.

Ž To accomplish the student’s goal of becoming self-sufficient in their academic career.

Ž To focus on methods of learning as the key to a student’s success.

Ž To identify the strengths that will help construct their knowledge.

Ž To build the students confidence, based on each individual personality and stage of cognitive development.

Ž “My students can be the best students”




Text Box: To be is to learn